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Single page workflows are the heart of Mediyeti.

“It's really intuitive having everything in the chart on one page. The system is easy to learn and has a really good flow.”

Tina, practice manager

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Shery, practice manager

Medical Records

Simplify charting and save time with
customizable templates & transcription support.


Improve patient flow with realtime patient status
updates and upcoming procedure info.


Streamline the process and increase collections.
Easily scrub notes and submit claims all at once. 

Patient Portal

Get the most out of your staff by automating data entry. Patients enter information that flows into notes.

Practice Cloud

Gain flexibility with  access from anywhere you are. 
Now you can finish charting after the dance recital.

Every Device

Do your MA's use tablets? Want to setup a kiosk?
Yep, we've got you covered. 

Built by doctors, for doctors.

Humane pricing is just one of the ways we've simplified your life.

In 2004, a doctor had just started his private practice. He quickly got lost in the wilderness of disappointing medical software. He tried several but each of them was either difficult to use, limited in it's functionality or a disheartening combination of the two. After seeing how difficult it was to implement them in his practice, he began to wonder if the people who designed the software had ever included providers in the conversation. He saw a need for something simple and unified. This is is where our story begins- read more 

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