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The problem.

A decade ago, Dr. Dan Faber was overwhelmed. After deciding to start his own anesthesiology practice, he was faced with the daunting prospect of choosing a management software. It was surprising to him that he needed to buy a different one  to cover each facet of his business. What's more, it seemed that doctors' advice had been ignored in the development of the products, because each one seemed to slow down the business rather than speed up workflows.

Better software

is made when providers drive innovation

 Built by doctors, for doctors. After months of searching, he couldn’t find anything that made sense to him or any of the other partners in his office. Fortunately, Dan had a considerable background in programming, so he knew he could create better software that would work for them. After many iterations and constant input from the other doctors in his clinic, they had something that they were proud of. Implementing the software led to huge increases in workflow efficiency, workplace productivity, and patient satisfaction.

Simple interface

means faster results

The intuitive way to manage a practice.  After showing a few friends the software, they were instantly taken by the uncomplicated interface and asked if they could use it in their offices. And so MediYeti began. These doctors felt that finally they had an EMR that allowed them to see all relevant patient information at once and required only minimal training for their staff. What’s more, it seemed to be exactly what their individual practices needed.

Listening to users

makes systems that work for you

Our system is better than yours (and we'll prove it).  From Day 1, MediYeti has always changed to meet the needs of the individual practice. Continuing that tradition of adaptivity, if you need a feature that isn't in the system, we’ll find a way to make it happen. Period. That's how we stand by our promise to deliver the best practice management suite for multi-provider clinics and small offices alike.

A low-cost EMR

doesn't squeeze your budget

Did we mention there are no crushing installation fees?

MediYeti is committed to helping your clinic succeed, so we’re determined to provide you with the perfect software for the perfect price. There are no gimmicks, no add-ons, and- best of all- no contract. After your 90-day setup & training period, you're free to choose your fate. Full disclosure: everyone who has tried our software still uses it.

Meet the executive team

(we have an open door policy)

Dr. Daniel Faber MediYeti EHR Software

Dan Faber, M.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Leah Faber

Chief Executive Officer

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Guy Harding

Co-founder & Senior Technologist

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Todd Hooper

Chief Operating Officer

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Andrew Lyon

Production Support Team Lead 

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Julio Ortiz

Senior Frameworks Engineer 

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Darren Gibson

Senior Vice President of Sales 

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Erica Forbush

Director of Client Success and Training

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